Is Your Organization Meeting TJC Standard? If So Address The Bullets Above And Tell Us How Your Facility Is Meeting The Standards One By One. If Not; What Would You Implement To Address The Bullets Above?

· In 2009, The Joint Commission revised its leadership standards to reflect the need for a culture that supports quality performance. Leaders in accredited organizations are expected to “create and maintain a culture of safety and quality throughout the organization” (Schyve 2009, 20). Compliance with these standards requires leaders to
? demonstrate their commitment to quality,
? set quality expectations for those who work in the organization,
? evaluate the culture on a regular basis,
? encourage teamwork and create opportunities for this collaboration to flourish, and
? address disruptive behavior of people working at all levels of the organization.
Is your organization meeting TJC standard? If so address the bullets above and tell us how your facility is meeting the standards one by one. If not; what would you implement to address the bullets above?

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