Kelly (2011), Discusses The Mental Model And Team Design. A Mental Model Is The Way A Person Thinks About Things, Similar To A Written Algorithm Which Can Capture Events In Different Paths. If This>Then That. Kelly (2011) Describes How The Managers Mental

Kelly (2011), discusses the mental model and team design. A mental model is the way a person thinks about things, similar to a written algorithm which can capture events in different paths. If this>then that. Kelly (2011) describes how the managers mental model and the organizations context can influence how teams are defined, designed, and employed in the organization (p 194). An example that Kelly uses is the way a surgeon controls an OR and how staff typically or historically defer to that surgeon. There are documented cases of wrong site surgeries that staff either spoke up and were admonished, or staff did not dare to challenge the surgeon. This is a mental model about authority that can influence communication. Tell us about some of your mental models?

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