Legislative Letter

Legislative Letter Instructions
You will search for a current federal bill relevant to nursing, patient care, or health care. Bills may be located at The Library of Congress THOMAS website link in the Reading & Study folder.
As a healthcare professional, consider a federal bill that impacts healthcare, nursing or patient care on THOMAS or other federal site. Consider major influences that effect health care policy within the United States health care system, regulatory, and legislative processes when writing the letter.
The assignment will consist of:
title page
one page formal business letter
reference page citing the bill
grading rubric
The title page and reference page documenting the bill must be written in current APA format and include the link to the bill. The grading rubric must include your name, section/course and date. The letter will be typed using 1-inch margins in professional/formal business letter writing format appropriate to send to a member of congress. You may need to research this format.
The letter must include the following: Name and number of the bill (senate or house bill); the bill you will research; and a synopsis of what the bill proposes. What funding considerations are discussed and is there any consideration for funding the legislation? If no funding sources are identified, propose where the funding will come from based on your reading. Advocate and support your position on the bill, pro or con based on your values and Biblical Worldview. Why is this legislation important to nursing, patients or healthcare, and the population you are advocating for, i.e. school children?

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