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Malnutrition is the term that explains more about human health. It is a general term to describe the health status of a person. Malnutrition can, therefore, be defined as the condition that commonly occurs in human beings when the diet of the individual does not contain any or enough amount of nutrients. In simple terms, malnutrition is just poor nutrition. Malnutrition is a condition that can affect anybody irrespective of age, gender and some other physical features in human beings. It is a common health problem all over the world since the economic status of people differs from region to region.
Frequently, malnutrition is associated to be caused by having an inadequate diet or either having a problem of absorbing nutrients from the food taken. The poor absorption of nutrients from the diet may be due to either having some long-term health problems, reduced mobility or due to low income and hence being difficult to afford the food having right nutrients (Nardo, 2007). It is also believed that some medical practices can also lead to the risk of developing malnutrition. The medical practices disrupt the body’s ability to absorb and then break down nutrients. If the body has increased demand for energy, this also can cause someone to malnourished.
There are several donors who have managed to fight the issue of chronic malnutrition. There is this international donor agency by the name, white paper audience; the donor is much willing to address the problem of the chronic malnutrition in all the developing countries. Mostly, the problems come with the financial status as stated above. In developing countries, the economic position of almost three-quarters of the population is poor. The issue of having a diet with proper and enough nutrients is the story to be narrated. The donor is preaching the gospel about the chronic nutrition deficiency issue that is affecting most of the developing countries all over the world.
As per the donor, it is advocating for more potential donors to come in and join hands in the fight against the problem of nutrition deficiency (Hussain, 2007). The international donor has started some campaigns in fighting the chronic problem. It has started avenues where they raise some certain amount of money and give it to the affected nations. The donor has called upon all the developed countries to participate in the act of contributing and supplying food to the developing countries. It is so fortunate that many donors have joined hands in the race to fight the problem of malnutrition.
On top of giving some funds to the developing countries, the white paper audience is also providing some education on how to fight the problem with the naturally available resources. The white paper audience has educated people on the importance of utilizing the available diet that is rich in required nutrients to fight chronic malnutrition. The white paper audience has initiated the incorporation of how to feed well in the syllabus in many developing countries. This has helped a lot in reducing the incidences of malnutrition since people have knowledge about the problem.
The donors have their trained nurses that have supplied in many health centers to help in malnutrition problem. It has employed, any qualified nurses in the field of nutrition and help to sensitize people on the same once the victims visit the health centers (Haerens, 2009). The donor has transformed the minds of people to realize it is possible to fight the chronic malnutrition.
People, even in the developing countries can prevent the problem of malnutrition and utilize the scarce available resources to live well.
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