Module 1 Discussion Board

Follow the following steps and then answer the questions below:
Step 1: Access the Nursing Home Compare website at:
Step 2: Enter a location (city and state or state only) and then click “search.” choese ( KY)
Step 3: Select two nursing homes (preferably at least one you have visited) and click “add to compare” for each one.
Step 4: Scroll back to the top of the page and select “compare now.”
Step 5: Multiple tabs will appear with information about the two nursing homes you selected to include: general information, quality ratings, health inspects, staffing, etc. Take some time to review this information and note what you found interesting or what information causes you to have additional questions.
Questions: Respond thoughtfully to the following questions. Simple statement responses are not acceptable – put some thought and scholarly insight into your responses. This is a college level course, not high school, so you are expected to have educated responses.
Were you aware that this information was publicly available?
What information did you uncover that did not surprise you?
What information did you find that was surprising or interesting or a learning experience for you?
How accurate and reliable do you believe this data is? Does it give an adequate representation of a nursing home setting for someone that is trying to choose a facility in which to receive services? Even if this information is beneficial for nursing home selection, what other steps should a person take to before choosing place for services?
How could this website/information on Nursing Home Compare be further improved for general public use?

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