morbidity and mortality Research Paper on Meningitis

morbidity and mortality

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Introduction and Disease Agent
Points:5 (10.00%)
Demonstrates thorough knowledge and understanding of the disease and its transmission.
Points:5 (10.00%)
Demonstrates ability to accurately and thoroughly describe signs and symptoms relevant to select disease. Also provides details pertaining to course of illness, illustrating mastery of the subject.
Prevention and Intervention
Points:10 (20.00%)
Provides a detailed discussion of all relevant and appropriate levels of disease prevention and intervention, including techniques
Environmental Factors
Points:10 (20.00%)
Discusses environmental attributes illustrating exemplary understanding of seasonal, geographical, and cyclical trends.
Disease Distribution
Points:10 (20.00%)
Provides an exemplary discussion of current morbidity and mortality trends; includes a detailed analysis of disease distribution differences addressing epidemics, endemics, and pandemics.
Points:5 (10.00%)
Summary of overall findings provides a clear and detailed picture of the disease and does an exceptional job at pulling the information together.
Formatting and Appropriate Use of Information
Points:2.5 (5.00%)
Paper is well organized, including appropriate formatting structure. Students use correctly all of the following information use strategies (use of proper APA citations and references; choice of paraphrasing, summary, or quoting; using information in ways that are true to original context; distinguishing between common knowledge and ideas requiring attribution) and demonstrate a full understanding of the ethical and legal restrictions on the use of published, confidential, and/or proprietary information.
Grammar and Mechanics
Points:2.5 (5.00%)
Demonstrates detailed attention to and successful execution of a wide range of conventions particular to a specific discipline and/or writing task(s) including organization, content, presentation, formatting, grammar, and stylistic choices.


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