Response Paper

Response Paper

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Response Paper 2: Select one of the following movies to write about.
(choose ONE of the following films):
Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mament on Amazon
The Crucible by Arthur Miller on Netflix
Fences by August Wilson on Amazon
In the response paper #2, I would like you to answer the three questions based on a set or costume design for one of the movies listed above. (One Note here, the scene designer position is called Art Direction in films. Also, every year, when these papers are turned in students fail to acknowledge the actual person/designer they are writing about—–please do!!) Please review p. 60 in your text to answer the question correctly. Again remember that I am not looking for a synopsis of the film I am looking for intelligent answers to the three questions concerning the character you select to write about. It would be wise to use content you have read about in your text to help write your paper.


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