Natural Science Essay – Sustainability

sustainability actions and systems actions

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Part 1 – Reading Reflection
Refer to the two handouts on sustainability actions and systems actions to complete this discussion.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this discussion is to reflect on what you’ve read and to check comprehension.
TASK: Write a reflection on both of the readings in one post.  Provide insight into your previous knowledge and what you learned about sustainability and systems as broad concepts.
CRITERIA: Write at least 450 words and use the academic genre to receive full points.
Part 2 – Sustainability & Systems Discussion
Watch and engage with the video then answer the questions below. (Just watch the beginning 23 minutes only!)
PURPOSE: The learning objective for this exercise is to solidify your understanding of the term sustainability and introduce related vocabulary and concepts.
TASK: Reflect on this video.  What are your initial interpretations of its content. Namely, were you reminded of anything in particular while watching?  Did it change your mind about something? Did it solidify your understanding about something? What are you still curious about?
CRITERIA:  Write at least 500 words by Saturday April 18th. Write in the academic genre (i.e. not a casual informal style) and use complete sentences to receive full credit.


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