NR 443 Week 7 Discussions

NR 443 Week 7 Discussions
NR 443 Week 7 DQ 1 :
How Do You Define Health? (Graded)
Think about how you define health. Do you think your definition is universal, or is it specific to your culture and/or beliefs? How might another culture’s definition differ?
NR 443 Week 7 DQ 2 :
Affordable Healthcare (Graded)
Please explore the website Choose the “Get Answers” tab towards the top of the page. Please review several of the topics under this tab and share something that you learned about how the Marketplace works and how this would apply to those in your community.
The Affordable Care Act is a controversial topic and I’m sure there are many different viewpoints represented in our class. For this discussion, let’s focus on understanding the basics of the Marketplace so that we can provide accurate information for our patients and communities.

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