Please start by reviewing the Comprehensive Project Details
Comprehensive Project Details
In this course, you will complete a Comprehensive Project that serves as an overall assessment of the course outcomes. The Comprehensive Project has three parts to it – one will be completed in Word, one in Excel and one in PowerPoint.
You will have some freedom as far as the specific focus of each piece of the project, you just need to make sure that it all relates back to your main topic and that the composition of each piece meets the rubric requirements.
TOPIC:The importance of information literacy for nurses in the workplace.
>> Next, download the Comprehensive Project Guide or more detail on what each item this assignment requires. This will include all the points you will get for each step and each program.
Be sure that you have downloaded the Comprehensive Project Guide for all the instructions, how-to’s and rubrics associated with the assignment.
The Word portion of your Comprehensive Project
The Excel portion of your Comprehensive Project
The PowerPoint portion of your Comprehensive Project

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