Nursing Discussion : Nursing History And Changes With Nurse-Client Relationships

Discussion Forum #1
1. Reflect on your own nursing history.
a. What were the reasons that you chose nursing as a career and “what is nursing” to you ( write a few sentences related to your own philosophy of what is nursing to you)?
b. How has the history of nursing affected your own nursing practice ( reflect on nursing history and reference historical events when you answer this question)?
2. Reflect on the changes in the nurse-client relationship that has been associated with new nursing roles and the use of new technological advances.
a. How does the nurse maintain a therapeutic relationship with the client as machines ( technology) take over some of nursing functions?
b. Based on the projected visions of tomorrow’s healthcare and nursing, what skills will be MOST important in the future of nursing education ( which skills need to be a priority in nursing schools of the future)? What are they and how should they be taught?
Please note that your discussion postings will be graded under the following criteria.
While your initial response to the discussion questions should be concise (350-500 words), be written with accepted conventions of standard American English, and use a minimum of 2 in-text citations and references in APA 6th edition format, other posts may be more informal. Your follow-up discussion posts may take on a more relaxed and conversational tone, but the initial response should reflect appropriate scholarship. Please capitalize, punctuate and check spelling for all posts.
Discussion Board Rubric
Description of Acceptable Posts
Development of Ideas (3.0 pts/%)
At least one initial post; should have well-developed ideas; introduces new ideas; stimulates discussion. At least 350 words.
Evidence of Critical Thinking (2.0 pts/%)
Clear evidence of critical thinking- application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Postings are characterized by clarity of argument, depth of insight into theoretical issues, originality of treatment, and relevance. Sometimes include unusual insights. Arguments are well supported.
Timeliness (2.0 pts/%)
Individual initial post and at least one response to a colleague’s initial response posted on another day to a colleague. Initial post must be completed 72 hours prior (unless otherwise stated in the modular week) to the closing date of discussion board forum, if not there will be points deducted this allows for more collaboration in the forum (allowing adequate time for response to other colleague’s posts). All posts must be entered while forum is open, no exceptions.

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