Nursing Informatics

Read Chapters 16, 17, 18, 20, and 24 in Thede and Sewell. Write a three page paper (five pages total with a title page, three pages of text, and a references page). Describe the role of the informatics nurse in a healthcare setting of your choice, and explain in detail three advantages of having a nurse who is expert in informatics working alongside less skilled nurse peers. Be sure to detail the role of the informatics nurse. Take time to go to Nursing Informatics websites and obtain support for your description of the informatics nurse’s role. Cite five or more sources from nursing informatics literature to earn maximum points for the Supporting Data criteria (see grading rubric criteria on next page). Also identify one way computers are used in a nurse’s work setting and any experience you have had with a computer program, e.g., Cerna for medication administration.

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