Option #1: Making a Career of Healthcare Operations Management – Focusing on Quality Management

Option #1: Making a Career of Healthcare Operations Management – Focusing on Quality Management
Create a presentation that you might share with a professional society/organization or a group of fellow students who have expressed interest in healthcare operations management as a career choice. You will not actually be required to present this to a group, but prepare the project so that it would be acceptable for an audience of that nature.
This portfolio project will be an amalgamation of all previous assignments; it will consist of visual representations of the following elements:
· A review of internships or volunteer opportunities
· A summary of professional certifications
· A summary of the major points on project management covered in your Module 5 Critical Thinking assignment
· A summary of the major points on process
· A self-created image to illustrate the Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control model used for quality management (you can use Smart Art located within Microsoft products or use any online tool to create the image); provide a brief description of each element contained in the image
· A self-created process map/flowchart illustrating the inputs, outputs, and steps of a process of your choosing
All content slides should include brief audio/voice-over commentary via VoiceThread; this feature allows you to add further commentary, just as you would in a real presentation.
Your presentation should contain approximately 15 content slides, with additional slides for the title of the presentation and references. Your presentation must support your claims by including at least four appropriate references and be formatted according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
Familiarize yourself with the VoiceThread site. Note that you will need to sign up for an individual free account.

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