OSS Xen based hypervisors that Amazon (AWS uses)

You should be able to write about specific Open source products that AWS has been able to develop that
compete head to head with Microsoft offerings. What about their architecture with OSS Xen based hypervisors
that compete with Hyper-V technology for virtualization/abstraction layers?
Do an in-depth architectural difference rather than a general differences paper.
In the research paper, you should delve into what the technology is, and how it works. Why is it important in
today’s high-tech world? discuss differences in competing technologies, and pros and cons with this
technology. Take a position on why this technology is critical/beneficial/detrimental to the world we live in. What
are the issues (pros and cons) with using this technology/architecture? How does this technology or
architecture benefit businesses and commerce? How are companies taking advantage of these technologies or
architectures, or what limits companies from using them? What does the future hold?

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