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Suppose Toyota Company has asked you to develop a questionnaire to measure owners‘ satisfaction with the servicing of their vehicles. One sequence of questions will deal with satisfaction with the design, construction, operating costs, performance and amount of service required. In order to interpret these results, it has been decided to ask further questions to isolate the responsibility for car problems. That is, do cars tend to blame the manufacturers, the service work by the dealer, or poor upkeep and driving habits of car owners?
a) Which source of data is more preferable and why?
b) Make a questionnaire having at least 10 questions including multiple option single response, multiple option multiple response, ranking and Likert scale questions to cover all the above mentioned information.
1. Please include at least 7 peer-reviewed article as the references
2. Please write the paper with APA 7th edition format
3. Please include introduction and conclusion in the paper


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