Write a 1,550 to -1,750 word paper that compares and contrasts a contemporary health care Information System or physician’s office Business System with a health care facility or physician’s office of 20 years ago.
Include an examination of information systems in your work place or you may utilize any of the two Healthcare Virtual Organizations and an analysis of how a database structure was used 20 years ago in comparison with how it is used today.
Include the following in your paper:
Analyze major events and technological advantages that influenced modern Health Care Information Systems.
Consider the following events and technological advantages:
Governmental Programs
Documenting Care and automation
Financial requirements and automation
Analyze the global business processes used in Health Care Information Technology (HCIT) and their relationship to the organization as a whole.
Consider the following processes:
System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC)
Six Sigma
Just in Time (JIT)
Use a minimum of three peer-reviewed references other than the textbook that directly support your analysis.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
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