Submit a paper no longer than two pages in length that address the following points:
· Beginning with your next semester, describe how you will prepare to become a nurse
· Identify at least one nurses preparation programme (at a senior institution) you are considering pursuing and why you have chosen this particular programme and institution.
· What challenges, academic and personal, do you believe you will face as you prepare to become a nurse?
· Map a plan for your financial future. How will you pay for the costs that you will incur? Will you pursue scholarships, grants, or student loans? Be sure to include the cost of living expenses (rent, food, gas, etc.). Refer to Chapter 11 in your text.
· Identify two or three strategies/tools you will use for managing your time. What is your preferred method?
*To gain a general overview of what is required to become a nurse in Virginia, please visit the Virginia Department of nurse’s website – “The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Nurse Education and Licensure in Virginia” at
*NVCC offers Associate Degrees that can help you prepare to become a nurse

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