Patriot Act – congressional oversight of intelligence

Patriot Act

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Answer each of the following in approximately 200 words each.
Answer directly on this page below each question. When you are finished, upload the file under the Assignments link.
1. The Patriot Act (Title II, Sec. 213) allows for the delayed notification of the execution of a search warrant. Under what circumstances can the notification be delayed?
2. The Patriot Act outlines the procedure for congressional oversight of intelligence activities. What makes congressional oversight necessary? Why should Congress be the branch of government that has such oversight?
3. Title VII, subtitle A of the Intelligence Reform Act deals with foreign policy issues and U.S. actions in dealing with Muslim and middle eastern nations. What are these – and do you believe this to be good or bad policy?
4. As part of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 the position of Director of National Intelligence was created. What are the duties of this position and why do you think it was created?
5. Title II of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorist Prevention Act outlines the improvement of the intelligence capabilities of the FBI. What sort of improvements are to be made?


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