PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IN DISEASES AND DISORDERS:. Explain Your Chosen Condition/Disease And Its Impact On The Human Body (20 Points). 2. How Has Physical Activity And/Or Exercise Been Proven To Help The Condition You Chose (20 Points)? 3. Did You Find Any

During the final week of this class we will be discussing the health effects of exercise and physical activity on different diseases and disorders. Understanding the importance of activity regardless of your health status is important. Therefore, you will choose a disease or disorder that you wish to study more and provide the following information:
1. Explain your chosen condition/disease and its impact on the human body (20 points).
2. How has physical activity and/or exercise been proven to help the condition you chose (20 points)?
3. Did you find any precautions and/or risk factors associated with exercise in your chosen condition (20 points)?
Your paper must:
Include at least two scientific references- no Wikipedia, blogs, newsletters, etc. (10 points).

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