Policy Brief

Indicate who your audience is for the Policy Brief: Are you presenting this to local or national decision makers, health professionals, journalists, the general public, or more than one of them?
Define the problem: Identify a health care policy or healthcare finance issue of interest to ARNPs that can be improved through a change in the policy..
What is the historical context of the issue?
What aspects of the issue remain problematic and why?
In what contexts does this issue exist? What is its scope?
State the policy: Identify 1–3 specific policy actions that will address the problem.
Make your case: Using as strong an argument as you can, with supporting evidence, describe the specific policy action(s) you suggest as the best solutions to this issue
Discuss the Impact: Briefly discuss the implications of taking your suggested policy action, as well as impact of inaction. Discuss pros and cons, consider unintended consequences that may occur and address limitations or potential opposing arguments

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