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primate social structure

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Be sure you have thoroughly read the full instructions posted in the General Information section primate social structure before you submit your homework.
1.Discuss the factors that influence primate social structure. What similarities and differences can be drawn between nonhuman and human primates in regards to these factors?
2.After viewing the films, discuss two specific behaviors of the non-human primates.  Why is it important to understand these behaviors? What can we learn from them? Give examples to illustrate your understanding.
Required Readings
Textbook: Chapter Seven – Primate Behavior
Chapter Seven PowerPoint: Posted in Module
Required Films
Ring Tail Lemur (Links to an external site.)
NATURE | What Females Want and Males Will Do | Chewbacca (Links to an external site.)
Violent chimpanzee attack – Planet Earth – BBC wildlife (Links to an external site.)
Bonobos Like to Share (Links to an external site.)
The Gentle Genius of Bonobos
Slow Loris: Endangered for Being Cute (Links to an external site.)


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