Please construct a 5 page paper or more as needed; and the accompanying powerpoint presentation about the written paper with at least 10 – 12 slides on one of the topics listed below.
Is there a gap between nursing education and nursing practice? Please explain and support your answers with at least 5 references;sources cited from a primary source not older than 5 years.
Is nursing considered a science or an art? or both? Please explain and support your answers with at least 5 references; sources cited from primary source not older than 5 years.
Read the popular book ” Who killed Change”. 1. Synthesize the content. Part 2 of the paper is for you to propose a change process of improvement. Choose one of the concepts that killed the process of change You will use one of the models or theory of change as discussed in your textbook. Nursing Process theory for Chnage is also acceptable thery.
Please type your 5 page paper in a WORD document, put your first and last name on it. Observe the proper APA format
What has been the impact of the ACA in health care delivery on an individual level, at state level and nationwide. Discuss some negative impact at this point in time Obamacare. Then propose some new approaches to better the cons of the Obamacare. (please follow the same format as above).
Discuss the value or significance of the role of advance nurse practitioner in the health care delivery in the United States. Discuss the impact of the new privileges that has now been granted of the ARNPs. To what extent would these privileges impact upon health care cost and sustainability of the health care as proided by aRNps. Proivde evidence of your arguments or assertions. Follow the same format and rules of the APA.

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