Project Nursing Budget

Write a 3-4 pages Word document paper that explains the following topic:
Identify a patient care problem with an impact on budget as a financial management issue in your workplace.
Search a minimum of two peer-reviewed articles that discuss the issue you have identified.
Provide a summary of the reviewed articles, make a short critical analysis of the information
Provide a short analysis of the role of the nurse in relationship to this problem as described in the literature.
Explain how the literature helps to provide insight into the problem you have identified and how this information can be used in a practice setting.
Possible problems with an impact on budget:
Departments not working weekends -Saturdays and Sundays (Echo Lab, Radiology, OR) unless an emergency, which lengthen patient’s hospital stay
Increment of excessiveextra time or overtime by nurses (related to lack of time management skills)
Delays in MD consultations which lengthen patient’s hospital stay (lack of communication bt nurses and doctors)

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