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Issue for essay: Racism
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The three main core concepts of public health are assessment, policy formation and assurance. We will concentrate on assurance in this course from a psychological, behavioral and social aspect. For this assignment, write a 3-5 page paper in which you apply at least one behavioral theory to a specific behavioral, psychological or social problem. List the weaknesses that this theory may have. Make sure you paper includes the following:
Applies theories and models from the psychological, social, and behavioral disciplines.
Describes specific factors that affect the health and wellbeing of individuals and populations at both the local and global levels.
Identifies gaps within the discipline specific models and theories that affect public health delivery options for diverse issues and populations.
Distinguishes levels of intervention for programs and policies.
The Public Health Resources list contains several Web sites that are useful in identifying specific public health problems and gaining insight into current approaches toward prevention and education. You are encouraged to use one of the topics you are considering for your course project, but that is not required. Be sure to look at the different levels of public health interventions.
Support your points with sources from your readings, appropriately cited according to APA guidelines. Prior to submitting, read the Core Concepts Paper Scoring Guide to ensure you have met the expectations of this assignment.

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