Public Health Systems: Swin Flu

Public Health Systems: Swin Flu
The swine flu, later referred to as N1H1, was detected in Mexico in 2009. It quickly spread throughout the United States and into Europe. A public information system was used to do the following:
Track the spread of the disease and supply information on who it was affecting Make comparisons to other diseases of similar makeup Create models that will predict how far the disease will spread and who will be affected by it Educate the public via such as sites like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( Allow researchers to view all of the collected information to develop a cure Share information, such as what preventions and vaccinations are working
Resource: CDC website (
Create a 175- to 350-word public service announcement on the swine flu, focusing on preventive measures.
Include the following:
Describe the epidemic, including the symptoms. Identify preventive strategies. Provide additional resources for the public.
Use one of the following to create your public service announcement:
Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation Informational brochure Script Video or audio podcast Another medium approved by your facilitator
Cite your sources according to APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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