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2nd question
references within 5 years and paraphrased material should be cited with a page number. Please do not copy and paste original work
Write a quantitative research question using the PICO(T) model about a health or safety issue observed in the Ironridge or Summerville communities. Also, describe what research purpose (descriptive, exploratory, predictive, or prescriptive) you would use to answer your research question.
Conduct a search of the literature for the quantitative research question. Describe the literature search strategies (search terms, databases, filters, search results). How many randomized, controlled trials (RCTs) did you find compared to other types of studies? What are the advantages and disadvantages of RCTs in comparison to other types of studies? Generally, how would you summarize your articles (2-3 sentences)?
Using the same topic, write a qualitative research question using the P (population), I (abstract concept), O (outcome), and T (time) from the PICO(T) model. What qualitative research design (Phenomenology, Grounded Theory, Ethnography) would you select and why?

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