I need answer of the following questions in just 1-2 pages. Please include 2 scholarly references cited in APA for each answer. Your answer must be 100% original.
Answer the following question precisely;
1. Knowledge: What are a few key issues that everyone needs to know about the pharma industry and about the recruitment of professionals to the healthcare field?
2. Comprehension: What is your understanding of the challenges that grow out of the overwhelming success of pharmaceuticals?
3. Application: Give an example of one of the challenges that is growing out of the pharmaceutical industry.
4. Analysis: What cause and effect relationships are growing out of the growth of pharmaceuticals? Out of the need for qualified distribution of healthcare professionals?
5. Synthesis: Offer a new and unique idea of yours or from the research that proposes a solution to the challenges face in pharmaceuticals. OR (pick one) offer a new idea for the recruitment, training and distribution of healthcare professionals.
6.Evaluation: How is your idea new and different? Is it better / same / worse than current best practices in either pharmaceutical development or recruiting / training? How? What new improved consequences might your new idea offer? What unintended consequences might arise if your idea was implemented?

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