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Reflection Essay

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We started this course by considering that everyone is a theologian because everyone has thoughts about God. You considered how you form your thoughts of who God is and what God does. In Module/Week 1, you reflected on your experience with theology and your study of theology in the past. For this module/week, you will write a 600-word reflection essay answering the following 3 prompts that will allow you to reflect on how you grown in your understanding and study of theology.
How has your view of theology changed over the duration of this course? (approximately 200 words)
How have you been able to practice the principles you learned from the course in your own life? (approximately 200 words)
How will you pass on the information you have learned in this course to those within your circle of influence? (approximately 200 words)
Submit your essay as a Microsoft Word document with all prompts addressed. The Reflection Essay must have Times New Roman 12 pt. font,


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