Respiratory and Circulatory Systems Tour

circulatory and respiratory systems

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You are a tour guide tasked with taking students on an adventure through the circulatory and respiratory systems.
Write a two- to three-page script for your tour. What will you say to the tourists? What will they see? Your script should:
Identify and describe each of the structures in the respiratory system
Explain how blood becomes oxygenated
Describe the flow of blood through the body
Identify the components of blood and describe their functions
Example for writing your script:
Tour guide: Today, we are going to take a walk through the structures of the circulatory and respiratory systems. At each structure, we will discuss how they function and their key characteristics.
Guest: Where will our tour begin?
Tour guide: We will begin in the respiratory system, which means we start in the nose and mouth.
This assignment does not need to be written in APA Style; however, be sure to include in-text citations as needed. Add a reference list at the end in current APA Style that includes all of the sources used in the script.


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