Response essay -Biology – Anatomy

Response essay -Biology – Anatomy
Respond to peers post below.
In responding to the peers, what additional resources can you share that will assist you and your fellow classmates be successful? What commonalities do you share with your classmates? What opportunities can you explore for collaboration and peer support?
Ebonee text
Hey everyone, my name is Ebonee and I am currently in the Navy. I have been in for about four years now, so I had to take some time off from school to accomplish somethings in the Navy. I got to do one deployment so far and I saw Bahrain, Dubai, Italy, France and Greece; it was beautiful! I recently completed my Associates degree and I am continuing to my bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Originally, I was pursuing a degree in Biology but because the military requires me to be out to sea often I decided to pursue a major that has more flexibility with online courses. Still a subject that I have an interest in so it’s still good for me. With that, I have encountered some of the topics while in high school and even in the military. There are many safety trainings, CPR courses and other general military trainings that cover topics that are related to anatomy so that everyone will have a common knowledge in case an incident occurs.The course outcomes will enable me to be able to get one step closer to having a better understanding of topics that are vital in the field that I am going in. In high school, many different functions of the body were discussed such as organelles, types of tissue, bodily systems, etc. but this course will help to refresh my memory as well as trigger that interest in this subject matter again. I do not work in the medical field in the Navy, but I am in the process of applying to become an officer in the Nurse Corps; this is where the information will be used the most. The use of my textbook, the module one overview (which I have already read, and it is very informative), the online library or simply posing a question to a fellow classmate or the instructor will aid me in reaching my goals for the course.
Kari text
Hey everyone, my name is Kari. I have two beautiful children ages 2 years old and 4 years old. My four-year-old has autism so every day is an adventure. I am engaged to get married June 2019! I have an amazing family that we like to go out and do things like going to the beach and day trips to the zoo. Currently I work as a home health aide, and I work with people with different disorders.Professional experiences that I have encountered with the general topics of this course are the disorders of the nervous systems. Many of my clients that I have are dealing with disorders that affect the nervous system. I would like to learn more about the nervous system as well as the other systems in the body due to my clients. If I understood them more than I would be able to help better.After reviewing the course syllabus and the assignment guidelines for my module one activities, the resources that I will need in order to be successful in this course is the textbook. The instructor and the fellow classmates can help me reach the outcome of the course by assisting in different views of the discussions. Being active in the discussions is key to learning in this environment.
Victoria text
Hello everyoneI am Victoria, I am currently a healthcareAdmin/management major. I have worked as a behavioral health technician for the past 5 years and I have also worked as a Nursing assistant. So I have some experience in understanding how chemicals in the body work with the physical part. This is not the first time I have bumped paths with A&P. I find that I have a hard time getting the physiology part down. I believe this time around I will do a better job at getting the comphrension I need.Looking through the course I believe that I will have a good outcome.My attitude is possitve and my study habits have gotten better. I used to procrastinate. I need this class because when I finish my Bachelors degree, I plan on getting my masters in something more on the clinical side of the health industry. In order for me to be successful I will need to be patient and make sure that I comprehend the material. I plan to work with my classmates to have a better understanding. If I see someone that gets it I am going to take charge and ask them. My learning style is Kinesthetic learner so I am hoping that I can get a lot out of the Mastering A&P program.
Terri text
Hey everyone my name is Terri. I am a Psychology major. This is one of my required classes but I am very much looking forward to what I can learn from this course. I am also a mother to two funny and wonderful boys. I have been suffering from a condition called Fibromyalgia for a little over 4 years now. Having this condition has brought my awareness of the human body and its many components to a whole new level. Prior to my illness I had grandparents that suffered from various illnesses so I was familiar with how issues such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease and high blood pressure worked but not much else. I am looking forward to better understanding how the various systems of our bodies are interconnected. The outcome of this course is personally important to me because I think this class may even be able to help me see what is going on in my own body and possibly get some solutions to my ailments. After seeing the syllabus I think the text and internet will be of great importance for us to learn from. In order to be successful I think it’s very important to stay disciplined and organized, especially when taking online course. The instructor is a great help when they reply in a timely fashion and make sure that the information presented is put forth in a clear and easy to understand manor. Classmates can also be a great help if they are willing to help other classmates who may need some extra guidance. I am always willing to provide my email address and even telephone number if someone is struggling and I am able to help.

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