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Please choose one of the following questions to answer in your main reply.
Follow the directions in the Syllabus regarding content, length, and using quotes.
Answers should be based on the Primary Source readings (the PDF’s provided by Prof. Covo on the main class page for Week 2). Quotes should be from those documents, with a page number if possible. Please indicate which question you are addressing in your reply.
1) Kant says that to be enlightened is to be released from “self-incurred tutelage.” What does this actually mean?
2) What is “the social contract” and what is the goal/purpose of it? What does it require of people who enter into the social contract? Please indicate which author you are referring to in your answer.
3) According to Rousseau, how might the “will of a citizen” be different from the “will of an individual” or the “general will”?


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