Rite A Two To Three Page Paper About The Disease Process Of Your Choice.

Please write a two to three page paper about the disease process of your choice.
What is the disease process? Give a thorough definition
What are the risk factors
What are the known causes of this disease?
What are the symptoms?
What are potential complications or long term impacts with someone who has this disease?
How is this disease/condition, illness treated? Include procedures that can be performed as well as what kinds of medications they may be prescribed.
Why did you choose this disease process and how will learning about it affect your life?
You will be graded on the use of proper spelling, use of grammar, and formatting throughout the paper. It must include a title page, page numbers, and a header or footer.
Please cite a minimum of three sources for this assignment, both in text and in a works cited section. Make sure that you site your sources in APA format.

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