Sexual assault laws
A couple of months ago, there were 100 people convened in Los Angeles for offences annual national reform for sex offenders entitled-“Justice for All” (Klein, 2013). The conference’s purpose was shedding light and trying to bring about the national reforms and laws on sex offenders claiming a denial of their civil rights of more than 75,000 individuals (Klein, 2013).
In my opinion, I find the stance offensive since there exists a reason for the law which is protection for everyone particularly the children. Thoughts as such on the sexual offenders that one’s rights trumps children rights are repulsive and offensive. In some perspective, the punitive measures for the sexual offenders are too lenient since the act itself is dehumanizing. The instance of two football players for Steubenville high school players for assaulting sexually a 16-year-old girl leading to their jail sentence in a juvenile for two years is a travesty (Klein, 2013). The hurt and humiliation she will get are far worse than the slap on the wrist that was received by rapists.
In accordance to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Networks, it is estimated that out of every 100 rape incidences, only 46 get reported to the police,12 leading to arrest,9 of them prosecuted and 5 warranting a conviction verdict leading to incarceration (Klein, 2013). The above phases of handling sexual assault case are such an injustice with so many offenders thinking the punitive part being unfair and strict to them in comparison to other crimes (Klein, 2013).
In the legislation of laws for the sexual offenders, the panel involved in making law into a bill(cabinet members)ought to sit back and rethink on the hurt and pain induced to the victims. The victims have been robbed their childhood and innocence in most incidences thus in case of such incidence; their rights forfeited. I am of the opinion that sexual offenders should be treated equally to the felony murderers by sacrificing the offender’s levity (Klein, 2013).
On a lighter side, the teenage sexual offenders should be sentenced in additional to the juvenile; the teen offenders should be counseled by psychologists thus determining treatment for their repeated sexual assault act (Klein, 2013). It is each parent’s role to reason out with their children as they grow on the subject of sexuality thus tackle with ease the growing stage in adolescence. The society should not perceive the mention of sex issue as offensive but education through enlightening the youth on their sexuality and accepting their position in their sexes.
Klein, S. (2013). Legislation of sexual offenders law. Journal of Psychology, 67-80.

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