Situation Analysis Proposal

Situation Analysis Proposal
This week you take the first steps towards completing your situation analysis and elevator pitch. Choose a specific condition that will be the focus of your situation analysis and elevator pitch.
In this assignment you will utilize the epidemiological triad you were exposed to this week in the reading and lecture to explain your specific condition. This means you’ll need to explain the host, the infective agent and the environment that brings them together. In addition, provide the history of the condition and a problem statement. Make sure your submission includes the following items:
Disease: State the disease you have chosen, the community, and the associated rate of mortality or morbidity.
History: Explain the natural history of this condition, including the incubation period (for infectious diseases) or the latency period (for chronic conditions).
Epidemiological Triad: Describe the host, the agent, and the environment which may interact within the same ecological system and have contributed to this condition.
Problem Statement: Conclude with a problem statement. This problem statement names the health issue (diabetes) and indicates who is affected (Puerto Rican Immigrants), where (Lancaster County) and, if known, the extent of the problem (a high amount). A well-written problem statement has the added benefit of providing specific search terms to use in collecting documents for the literature review

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