Structure of DNA

Structure of DNA
Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research DNA sequencing.
Based on your research, complete the following discussions:
DNA sequencing has become a valuable tool in many areas of science, including forensic medicine and biological research. In relation to this, answer the following questions.
Describe the steps by which DNA sequencing is performed.
Describe, using at least one example, of how DNA sequencing has become a valuable tool in forensic medicine and/or biological research.
What are the steps involved and the enzymes used in DNA replication? In your opinion, can a disorder result from the malfunction of any enzyme used during DNA replication? If yes, identify any one disorder and explain how it is caused. If no, why?
Since one transcription factor can control multiple genes, mutations in transcription factors can have long-reaching effects.
Can a disease result from a mutation in a transcription factor? If so, provide at least one example, naming the transcription factor, the mutation, and the congenital defect that arises.

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