Substance Use In The US

Express your personal perspective on the nature and complexity of our society’s current problems with drug use. Provide information regarding the most common drugs of abuse both in the United States, and more specifically in Florida. Back up your information with scholarly resources.
Don’t overthink your response papers. They are meant to be brief – just to get you thinking about the topics. You don’t need a cover page (as you would in a more formal, APA formatted paper). You can just dive into the question. For the response papers, it is appropriate to use 1st person (“I”), which is not appropriate for traditional scholarly papers (don’t use 1st person in your long paper, for instance). Don’t forget to do some digging into the research – look at the text; find an article or two from a reputable website (like NIDA, SAMHSA, etc.) in order to support your ideas – but write it all in your own words (quotes are not permitted ot be used).

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