Suggest One (1) Key Financial Ratio That A Health Care Administrator Should Create A Trend Analysis For. Suggest One (1) Key Insight That May Be Gained By The Administrator In Regard To The Performance Of The Organization. Provide Support For Your Rationa

Course: Health Financial Management
Title: Using Ratios as Performance Indicators and Inflation and Health Care Costs
Number of Sources 2
Number of Pages 1
Paper Format APA
Paper Details 1. Suggest one (1) key financial ratio that a health care administrator should create a trend analysis for. Suggest one (1) key insight that may be gained by the administrator in regard to the performance of the organization. Provide support for your rationale.
2. Use the Internet to research the current and projected inflation rates and the related impact expected on health care costs. Next, assess the level of importance of one (1) key driver of the inflation of health care costs. Indicate how this inflation can be managed strategically in the future to minimize the financial impact. Provide support for your rationale. Paper Comments These questions are part of a weekly discussion assignment. Please provide a brief paragraph for #s 1 and 2, answering all parts to #1 and #2 in layman’s terms. Requires less than %15 plagiarism.

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