Tell Us What Is Your Quality Departments Stated Mission And Purpose? Is It A Catchy Slogan Or Does It Define Your Identity? How So? Does It Meet The Strategy Bullets I Listed Above? How So?

a) Organizations operating from the mature end of the quality continuum know that their mission is much more than a catchy slogan or a poster on the wall. The mission defines the system’s identity. The mission statement is used to explain and communicate why the organization or department exists, what the department is organized to do, or what a group is trying to achieve. A clear and shared understanding of the system’s identity is essential for sustainability and to successfully adapt to changing external demands in its operating environment. The purpose is defined as the identity or reason for being.
Communicating a vision and strategy
Empowering employees to act on the vision and strategy
Generating short-term wins
Consolidating gains and producing more change
Tell us what is your quality departments stated mission and purpose? Is it a catchy slogan or does it define your identity? How so? Does it meet the strategy bullets I listed above? How so?

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