The change to move from manual to electronic health records

The change to move from manual to electronic health records
While the change from manual to electronic health records instigated substantial progress in the way health information technology was implemented and sourced, it still has yet to launch advanced use of health information technology in a highly operational healthcare system. In order for success to be achieved, systematic changes need to take place with medical payments. .
Making and receiving payments has been quicker with the use of EMR and the medical coding process. With everything being done electronically, medical payments are distributed quickly and efficiently. In addition to the requirement imposed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to use EHRs in health care settings, positive outcomes of using the EHR like improved patient relationship, quality of care, patient centered care are a testimony to the fact that the use of EHRs will continue to trend upward.
The people involved in regards to the delivery of health care support the implementation of electronic health records. This is because it has more advantages compared to the manual system such as ease in storing, analyzing and retrieving patients’ information. This will in turn lead to improved efficiency and productivity.

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