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Week 3 Discussion
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Police Functions
Research the major functions of the police and briefly describe the purposes and techniques of these police functions:
Internal Affairs.
Vice (public morals).
Community relations.
Civilian: Identify some examples of “civilian” jobs found in a local law enforcement agency.
Looking at job descriptions from a police department would be helpful. You might also try contacting a police department’s public relations officer.
Next, identify which function you think you would be best suited for and explain why (based on personality, skills, experience, etc.). Review and comment upon the posts of at least two other classmates. If you believe that you are best suited for a man in uniform function not included above, then that is ok; just describe the function and explain why you believe it’s the best fit for you.
600 words
Submission Details:
Read and comment upon the posts of at least two classmates and respond to the follow-up posted in the Discussion Area by the due date assigned by other classmates


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