This Is A Nutrition Homework

Project (Research Article Summary) Guidelines
Find a current (within the last five years) research article (a scientific paper) on a nutrition topic of your choice from one of the following sources:
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
American Journal of Nursing
Annals of Internal Medicine
Journal of Nutrition
Journal of the American Dental Association
Journal of the American Dietetic Association/Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Journal of the American Medical Association
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
New England Journal of Medicine
Others with prior approval of the instructor.
Your article should be a full text article (not an abstract) and at least 5 pages long. Submit your topic and source (to include journal name, volume, year, pages, etc.) no later than Monday 3/6/17. Read the article and prepare a written summary of at least 3 double spaced typewritten pages. Summaries are due on Monday 4/3/17 and should be submitted. Your summary should include your opinion on the content or outcomes of your article. Summaries should be written in MLA format to include the work cited (which would only be one, your article).
Do not cut and paste material from your article to your summary. Cutting and pasting will result in point deductions and may result in a 0 for this project.
Journals may be obtained in an academic library. Additionally, full text journals (e-journals) are available. Alternatively, journals can be accessed through Links to articles may also be found by subscribing to newsletters (free) at and

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