Three Different Models For Combining Vertical And Horizontal Integration In The UK

internationally recognized ideal types of primary care organizations. Your final exam consists of the following components (minimum length requirements are parenthesized):
1. A brief (1 page) introduction that summarizes your understanding of the discussion paper. In other words, I am not looking for a summary of the discussion paper but rather, what you’ve understood of it.
2. A comprehensive analysis of each model (1 page each ).
3. Compare and contrast the three models (2 pages).
4. A detailed discussion on which of these models is the most suitable for the US healthcare system and why (1page) OR
5. If you find that no single model is the best, you may create your own hybrid model by combining features from any of these three models and provide a detailed explanation of why your hybrid model is better than any of the discussion paper models. (1-2 pages in lieu of requirement # 4)
6. Evaluate your selected model against your preferred integrated delivery systems from this course. Remember, PCMH is NOT an IDS and, as such, may not be included in your evaluation (1-2 pages)
7. Provide recommendations for the following (1 page):
a. The IDS that is best able to achieve the Triple Aim goals of quality, access, and cost. Your recommendation must be a logical outgrowth of previous analyses. In other words, your recommendation cannot be an IDS that has not been analyzed in # 6.
b. Payment system for your IDS model.
8. Based on your understanding of the current healthcare system, discuss the barriers to implementing your model (1 page).
9. Your conclusion (1 page) should be a synthesis of:
a. Why your recommendations are better than an extant IDS;
b. Why and how your recommendations can achieve the Triple Aim goals.
Please adhere to the following guidelines for your paper:
· The length of your paper must be between 11-15 double-spaced pages of high quality content. The following will result in a lower grade:
. Unnecessary white space
. The use of inappropriate font size or margins
. Unnecessary seriation
. Block or external quotes
. Repetitious content
. Stating the obvious
. Tautological (circular) analyses
· Since this is not a research paper, no external content is to be quoted in your paper . What this means is that whatever you write in your paper must be in your own words although you must cite your source appropriately. Consequently, your similarity index in Turnitin (external plagiarism checkers are not acceptable) must not exceed 10% . I have enabled the option for you to check your similarity index before submitting your paper. Turnitin lists the source(s) of any shared content and it is your responsibility to ensure that your paper does not include any external sources. You can review these when you are in the Originality tab of your Turnitin Viewer.
· Please format your paper using APA formatting guidelines ( for font, citations, headings, etc.
. You are not required to include a title page or abstract. However, should you choose to do so, that would be additional and not count toward your length requirements
. A reference list is required and must include all the sources you reference in the main body of the paper. An intext citation that is not included in the reference list – or vice versa – will result in a lower grade
· Your paper must be proofread. Graduate-level writing is expected. Poor grammar or linguistic errors will result in a lower grade.

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