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Preterm birth are babies born before 37 weeks gestation (CDC,2016). They have low birth rate 3.3 pounds(1500grams) or less. The rate of preterm births is increasing worldwide and great disparities exist in survival rates and quality and access to care across countries. According to research there is high rate of low birth rate with black women (13.6 percent) compared to Hispanic (6.9) and non-Hispanic white (7.2 percent), Asian /pacific women (8.3 percent) and American Indian/Alaska Natives (7.3 percent). (Child Health USA,2011), but with good medical care preterm births rate among these ethnic groups have reduced.
Low birth weight babies have a great impact on the family and the community as a whole. The cost of caring for a low birth baby is higher than the cost of caring for a normal birth baby this bring financial burden to the family and the community as well. Most low birth baby end up having health problems and caring for them brings a lot of stress to the family. Premature babies may have a harder time in school than babies born on time. They’re more likely to have learning and behavior problems throughout childhood, they may need special education which also cost the community more money. Premature birth can affect a person’s being able to work, the amount of work he can do or both. Some adults who were born prematurely may have long-term health conditions that prevent or limit them from working, they end up becoming the responsibility of the family and the community since they cannot work to earn income.
University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital is one of the support groups that have a programs to support family with preterm infants, they support the family right at birth
till they are discharged home. They have trained volunteers that visit family at home and give them the needed education in how to care for the preterm baby,
they also support the family financially by helping with the hospital expenses to reduce the financial constrain on the family.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention.(2016). Reproductive health.Retreived from

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