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Re:Topic 1 DQ 1
According to March of Dimes research there is a significant disparity that exist within different face an ethnic groups. In the research it was discovered that overall preterm rate nationwide was 11.4% in 2013. Non-Hispanic black premature births were 60% higher than white infants (Racial, 2015). Hispanics are also a group that has a higher premature and low birth weight than whites. While we know that there are disparities between groups it is difficult to pinpoint the reason for it.
Low birth weight immediately affects the parents and the family unit. This is a very emotionally straining situation for the family unit. Other than the increase in stress about the wellbeing of the newborn after its release there is the financial burden that can come as a onsequence of specialty medical treatments that the infant went through. The child can possibly have lifelong issues that will need followed my doctors. Those issues can also make the child’s life difficult or possibly cut its life short.
The closest support near my community is the Inland Empire division of March of Dime ( This is a group with a big national backing that provides families with benefits from their research and education. I do believe this group serves their community well; they are very active in educating and fund raising throughout the community and have a positive reputation from their historical work.
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Birth Outcomes. (2015).
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