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Under The California State Board of Registered Nurses a Register Nurse (RN) is permitted to perform a Standardized Procedure for medical functions. The process to allow the nurse to engage in the Standardized Procedure requires various components to be fulfilled. The Standardized Procedures shall include a written description of the methods used in developing and approving them and any revision thereof.
Safeguards for the consumer are provided which, together, form a requirement that the nurse be currently capable to perform the procedure. The registered nurse who undertakes a procedure without the competence to do so is grossly negligent and subject to discipline by the Board of Registered Nursing.
As a Manager of a Department engaging in a Standardized Procedure process would need to be in place. There must be in writing, dated and signed by the organized health care system personnel authorized to approve it. It must specify which standardized procedure functions and requirements the RN may perform, specify the scope of the procedure and under what circumstances. The initial and continuing evaluation for training and education must be included along with evaluation of the competence of those nurses authorized to perform the standardized procedure functions. There would be needed to keep competency of the Standardized Procedure in the employees file and provide for a method of periodic review in the organization of the standardized procedures (“An explanation of scope of RN,” 2011).
An explanation of scope of RN practice including standardized procedures. (2011). Retrieved from

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