What Specific Skills And Knowledge That You Gained Through This Course Will Be Most Important As You Take On Your Future Roles In Nursing? Describe A Concrete Way In Which You Anticipate Using These Skills And Knowledge.

What specific skills and knowledge that you gained through this course will be most important as you take on your future roles in nursing? Describe a concrete way in which you anticipate using these skills and knowledge.
this is the course:
Adv Rsrch Method:Evidense-based Practice
This course provides the scientific basis for the analysis and use of research to further develop the knowledge base and skill sets required to maximize evidence-based practice in healthcare settings. Students conduct an in-depth analysis of research methods as a framework for studying clinical issues. Students build on their knowledge of the research process, with an emphasis on analyzing the components, problems and issues related to nursing and other disciplines; finding, evaluating and critiquing available literature; and critically evaluating qualitative and quantitative research methods, including design, sampling, data-collection strategies, measurement and interpretation of results. All of these skills allow students to evaluate and critique findings to enhance evidence-based nursing practice, including dissemination of findings. Ethical issues are also addressed throughout the course.

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