Write an essay in response to noel sharkey

Write an essay in response to noel sharkey
“The Ethical Frontiers of Robotics.” This assignment asks you to relate your own ideas to those in Sharkey’s article. To successfully complete this writing task, you must draw on information from both the text and your personal experiences. Do not assume that your audience has read “The Ethical Frontiers of Robotics.”
Here are some questions to consider when developing your personal response to the text. You do not need to answer the questions in order, and you DO NOT need to answer all of these questions in your paper.
– How do the ideas in the text connect with my own ideas? What associations can I make?
– What experiences have I had that relate to the text? What experiences might I have in the future?
– Is there anything in the text that I agree with, reject, or wonder about?
– Am I drawn to particular words, phrases, or sentences?
– Does the text contain ideas that lead me to speculate, reflect, or make predictions?
– What images does the text create in my mind?
– What else in the text do I relate to?
Organization of Content:
Introductory Section
Your introductory section should include the following information:
1) Identification of the text and author
2) Short summary of the text
3) Thesis Statement-your overall reaction to the text
Response Section
Your body paragraphs should include 3-4 ideas from Sharkey’s text along with your response to each of these points.
One possible organizational strategy is the following: Idea One:
a. Sharkey’s idea
b. Explain his position with information from the text
c. Your response to Sharkey’s idea
d. Explain your position with personal experience, beliefs, etc.
Repeat pattern for next 2-3 ideas. Remember that you can use more than one paragraph to fully explain and respond to one of Sharkey’s points.
Restate your perspective on Sharkey’s ideas and remind readers of your thesis.
See pages 38-39 in Writing in the Disciplines for information on how to convert your informal (in class) response into a formal response essay.
Article – The Ethical Frontiers of Robotics by Noel Sharkey published in Sept. 2010

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