Write an essay on the modernist movement

1. Compare and contrast the goals of writers in weeks ten through twelve with those of earlier writers we’ve read in weeks one through four or six through eight.
2. Examine and explain in detail the Modernist Movement.
3. Explore the Paris writers of this era.
4. Explain how several writers of can be seen as transition figures between two literary movements and two historical periods.
5. Examine the historical events between the two world wars. Why was this referred to as The Lost Generation? Use our authors as reference and resources.
6. Examine the Multiculturalism Movement
7. Explain in detail the importance of nature, emotions, the individual in any two movements we’ve covered in weeks ten through twelve.
8. Examine and explain Postmodernism encorporating at least some of our authors as reference.
9. Examine the shift from Postmodernism back to Realism.

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