Write an essay or process analysis assignment

Write an essay or process analysis assignment
STEP ONE: Choose a topic. Make certain your topic does not alienate your audience. The process you select should be sufficiently complex so that it is of potential use to the reader. (“How to Tie a Shoe” or “How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich” would be poor topics.) Please ask me if you are unsure your topic choice meets the above criteria.
STEP TWO: Make certain that the process involves a series of steps within a time sequence. (If you are able to switch the steps around, you do NOT have a process. The first step MUST come before the second step.)
STEP THREE: Make certain that the steps in your process are detailed and unambiguous. You are not writing a pamphlet.
STEP FOUR: Write a separate paragraph elaborating how you personalized your essay.
STEP FIVE: Write a process analysis essay that is NOT a recipe. Also, topics to be replicated and topics NOT to be replicated are both available. Topics that are unethical or inappropriate are not permitted.
1. Your essay may or may not be appropriate for replication by your readers.
2. You must write three full pages.
3. You must give your essay an appropriate title.
4. You must use the MLA guidelines listed in your textbook.

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