Write persuasive essay on tv is bad

Write persuasive essay on tv is bad
Write down persuasive essay, Length between 500 to 700. Choose a topic and try to convince reader to accept proposition about that topic. You actually require to try to win over your reader in some way. That proposition, thing you are trying to convince reader of, becomes thesis. As usual, you must underline your thesis statement.
In writing this persuasive essay, you require to pay attention to three interlocking aspects of formal argument that we have been discussing: logic, evidence, and persuasion. Also you should employ argument for this assignment. Write outline on separate page, and place it at end of essay. Write something based on experience. The topic can be ne base where you have been stationed is/was better than another
artificial Christmas trees are better than real Christmas trees (or vice versa)
children require to be exposed to music
elective plastic surgery (that is, for cosmetic purposes) is bad thing
pit bulls (or golden retrievers, or beagles, etc.) are best types of dogs
living on-post is better (or worse) than living off-post
TV is bad (or good) for children

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